There is a need to articulate a middle-term perspective for the all-round development of Madhya Pradesh. The main Vission is to consolidate the gains secured over the past decade, and to lay firm foundations for the state’s growth and development in the years to come. This may well be the first framework of its kind in the administrative history of Madhya Pradesh. Its focus is on identifying and implementing measures that add value to the manner in which citizen-centric services are expanded and delivered efficiently.

The last decade has been one of splendid economic recovery. During this period, investment in economic, infrastructure and social sectors dominated the public investment scenario. Much still remains to be done. The objective of this exercise is to continue to explore measures that help maximize welfare and material well-being of all the citizens. It is articulated on the premise that the current enabling environment will be further strengthened and enhanced by encouraging private investment, by improving the legal and administrative systems and by promoting partnerships.

The economic and political stability of the last decade gives us the strength to consider longer term perspectives for development. Instead of taking up short-term and ad hoc measures, we can now strive for the attainment of broad policy objectives for good governance, accelerated economic growth and equitable social development. Reducing the incidence of poverty, increasing incomes, reducing income disparities and maximizing opportunities for sustainable employment, are goals that are very much within our reach.

This document is intended to be a blueprint for quick development-oriented decision-making at appropriate levels within the government, for a vibrant Madhya Pradesh. My government will get to work immediately to realize this, so that aspirations result in outcomes and the vision turns into reality.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Public Health
Empowerment of Women
Skill Development
Inclusive Growth
Water Supply
Public Transport
Urban Housing & Habitat Development
Rural Housing & Habitat Development
Job Creation & Investment Promotion
Environment Management
Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Good Governance