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April 17, 2017
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November 9, 2017

How Indore became the cleanest city?

Indore has been ranked #1 in “Swachh Survekshan 2017” survey. This is a significant jump from the last year survey results where the city was ranked at #25. This transformation was brought by cooperation and coordination among different departments and the citizens.
Indore Municipal Corporation and residents of Indore adopted numerous techniques to accomplish the status of India’s cleanest city. The key initiatives are listed below:

1. Waste Management

Previously the solid waste management contract for Indore city was given to a private contractor. But due to unsatisfactory performance, the contract was terminated and later on Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) took up the challenge upon itself to handle this activity.
In a series of initiatives, IMC started Door-to-Door garbage collection scheme which was supported by the residents. They made sure that the garbage was picked up from the residential areas once a day and from commercial areas twice a day through Mobile garbage collection vans. These vans did the rounds of the residential colonies every morning. Separate dustbins for segregation of dry and wet garbage were also introduced.

2. Compost Pit

The IMC also developed fertilizer pits at some of Indore’s biggest vegetable markets which collected vegetable waste. These were than productively transformed into manure.

3. Awareness Programs

Exclusive campaigns were carried out to raise awareness among the people. IMC officials also came up with a unique idea to curb open defecation- ‘Roko-Toko’ initiative. The idea behind this activity was to encourage more and more people to quit the practice of open defecation and help clean the city. This program became hugely popular among the youngsters and children.

4. Infrastructure

The municipal corporation spent significant funds on constructing various sanitation facilities across the city. These included 12,549 individual toilets, 200 urinals and 190 open public toilets improving broad sanitation scope in the city.

All the above unique activities adopted by IMC and whole-hearted contribution of the people of city enabled Indore to become cleanest city nationwide. A great example of administrative and public participation.