The Importance of a Roof and a Quality Roofing Company

Maybe it’s something we don’t stop to think about on a daily basis, but the roof of our home is an essential part of its overall foundation. After all, it is the roof that protects our home from the elements of the outside world. But until there is a problem such as leaks in the ceiling we don’t give our roof much thought. Yet, the roof is important in so many ways, not just providing shelter.

Other Reasons A Good Roof is Important

As stated above have a good roof on your home has more than one benefit. Not only does it provide shelter but it helps with utility bills. A roof with no leaks or cracks has been insulation which means having to use less use of the heating unit in Winter and less Air Conditioner in Summer. Which means paying less on your electric bill. The last reason, a quality roof adds to the overall appearance of your home. This is especially important when wanting to sell the house. Remember, roofing repairs can be costly so when a potential buyer sees that the roof is in good shape it could lead to a sale.

Signs Roof Needs Repair

Now it goes without saying that when there are leaks in your home during rainstorms that this is a sign that the roof needs repair. But there are other signs as well, that you should look out for.

Missing and Damage Shingles: The loss of shingles leave part of the roof exposed. Damaged shingles will cause just as many problems, these could easily be removed in a strong wind storm. So when you notice shingles missing or damaged don’t put off

Cracks in the Attic: It’s a good idea to occasionally go up to your attic and investigate its ceiling. If you can see cracks, where sunlight or even the sky can be seen through that, is a sign that there are problems with the roof.

Stains in the Ceiling: Stains such as caused by water damage in the ceiling is another sign of troubles in the roof.

Reasons to hire of Roofing Company

At the first sign of trouble with our roof, we might think we can handle the roof repair it ourselves. Yes, maybe it looks like just a few shingles that need replacing but there can be unforeseen problems lying below the surface. Plus in today’s busy hectic world we may not have time to deal with the repairs right away. Let’s face it repairing a roof is time-consuming work that you may not have time to put in your schedule at this moment. Whatever the reason for looking into a quality roofing company could be essential.

What to Look for In Roofers

Now that you have decided to go with a company specializing in roofing, what exactly should you look for? Well, before calling an Allen TX roofing contractor visit this site here. Find out how long they have been in business. Find out about the type of materials they use, quality materials will help the roof to last longer. Another thing to take into consideration is what other customers have said. A good way to find this out is to do go to the search engine type in the companies name and reviews. This will no doubt give you impartial information on the type of service they provide. The last thing to look for is their pricing, yes the quality is the first thing to consider. Sometimes you will pay for quality but you still want to look for a good deal none the less. Also, when talking to a roofing contractor perhaps ask about a payment plan that could be negotiated so that the whole payment doesn’t have to be made all at once.

Final Thoughts on Roofing Repairs

Our roof is so much more than just the main coverage of our home. It is literally key to the foundation of the home itself. Whenever there is a leak it can cause damage to the ductwork and to the drywall of the ceiling. Over time this can lead to major disasters in the home that we have no choice but to address them and by that time it could become an emergency situation. So, the time to really address a roofing problem is when you notice there is a problem otherwise it could become something that can’t avoid addressing. Remember, there are companies out there that can address our roofing problems for us, its just a question of finding the right one to address your needs. …


Most home or business owners understand the importance of a roofing system. A roof keeps protect everything inside the structure from extreme weather, improves property value, and helps control the interior climate. However, not many people understand how the process works, especially when it cannot get fixed through a simple roof repair. There are many steps to replacing a roof, beyond just nailing down shingles after the old ones get ripped off.

Protecting Other Structure or Property

Before a roofing contractor can start on a roof, they must first take steps to protect other structures on the property. This includes having the property own move machinery, vehicles, and other items away from the tear off-site. As old shingles get slung off the roof, roofers tend to toss them over the sides of the structure onto the ground or into a waste container. Once everything nearby gets removed from potential damage, many companies will cover the sides of the structure with a large plastic tarp and plywood to redirect falling shingles to the ground. This prevents damage from shingles banging against the sides of the structure. Other items located nearby that cannot get moved may also get the same tarp and plywood protection to reduce potential damage.

Removing Old Shingles

After proper precautions to prevent damage being done, it’s time to remove the old shingles from the roof deck. This requires multiple roofers to climb on top of the structure and pull off all the shingles. These shingles will get thrown over the sides onto the ground or tossed inside a dumpster.

Deck Inspection

Once the old shingles are off and before the new shingles go on, the roofing company must inspect the roof deck to make sure it can support the roofing structure. If the deck has broken, rotted, or otherwise unacceptable sections, they must get replaced before the new shingles go on. These sections get replaced with brand new sheets of wood that are weather protected to delay damage during extreme weather. Without replacing the unstable pieces, the shingles won’t properly stay attached causing leaks, blow-offs, and other problems that risk everything inside of the structure.

In addition, roofing companies in Allen TX like this one here: must inspect the wood deck to make sure they’ve been nailed to the rafters securely and in the proper way. As the decOncek ages, nails come to lose or break off, sacrificing the wood sheetings integrity. Pieces that aren’t secured properly must get nailed down to the roofs rafters before the new shingles go on.

 Roof Installation

After the inspection, the roofing contractor can now place the new materials on the roof. The first step of this process involves laying a drip edge along the edge of the roof decking. This prevents water from getting under the shingles and causing the deck to rot or leak. Next, contractors will place an underlayment around the bottom of the roof and at any roof connections such as a chimney or vents. This prevents the deck from experiencing any water leaks.

Furthermore, contractors will need to install a felt underlayment across the entirety of the roof after they place the first type of underlayment. This material stops the shingles from sticking to the wood decking causing a variety of problems for both the contractor and the property owner. Finally, contractors will then begin placing the shingles at the bottom of the roof working their way up towards the top. As they lay the shingles down, they’re also ridge capping, flashing, vents, and other important pieces to make the roof complete.


As if replacing the roof wasn’t strenuous enough, contractors are also responsible for the cleanup after a job gets finished. They must remove the dumpster used to catch the old materials, clean up all the old material off the ground and surrounding structures, and take down the tarps and plywood used to protect nearby structures. Many contractors also work diligently to remove as many nails and other materials from the property that could potentially damage machinery or vehicles.


The last step of the process is the inspection. Every contractor must inspect the completed roof to make sure that it meets local building codes and that nothing was left out, forgotten, or done improperly. Even more so, they inspect the roof to make sure that it meets the satisfaction of the property owner.

As most can see, replacing a roof requires many important steps to complete the job efficiently. Each step serves an important purpose that protects the property owner, the structure, and the contractor equally. …


Tips on Selecting a Roofing Company for Your Home

A storm comes through your area and dumps a ton of rain, suddenly you notice a leak in your ceiling. Before you start to panic that one of your pipes have burst you remind yourself that you live in a one story home, there are no pipes in the ceiling. After the storm passes, you go outside and check your roof and also notice several shingles are missing. Then it dawns on you, it’s been quite a while since your roof was replaced. This is more than just a simple roof repair, you need a whole new roof. Most people will only replace their roof once in their lifetime so choosing a roofing company is a very important decision. Below is a list of several tips that will help pick the right roofing contractor for your home.

Ask Friends and Family Members for Referrals

One of the first places to go to find a reputable reliable company is your family and close friends. Ask around to see if they might recommend a roofing business that they trust. It’s a simple route but a very good one as these are people that you trust to give you wise and great advice.

Read Reviews

Once you’ve selected a couple of roofers in your area, google their businesses. You can find a list of reviews on their google listing. Whether they are good or bad these reviews they will help you narrow down your search. Now a days most companies have a Facebook page. This is a great place to read customer reviews on roof repairs.

Find a Local Company

While googling reviews you will come across many local companies. It’s wise to find one in your area, close to your home. Local usually means they have established business with your neighbors in the communities surrounding and should have a good reputation to follow up on. This also means the office is in close proximity to you should you need to go in for any reason before, after, or during the roofing process.

Get Multiple Estimates from Different Companies

After accumulating a list of companies, you are interested in call around and ask for on site estimates. Most reputable roofing companies will off an estimate free of cost. You may not be familiar with the roofing market and what the costs are but gathering several different estimates should help. Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest option either. Cheap can mean things like disgruntled workers who aren’t getting paid enough, low quality equipment, and bad service. The saying, you get what you pay for, is often true so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Ask about the Insurance and Licensing (and permits)

All roofing ccompanies should carry at the very least liability insurance and workers compensation. There is nothing wrong about asking for proof of insurance. It’s understandable to want make sure you are covered in case anything happens on or to your property. If a company seems hesitant to release this information that is a red flag. Be sure to also ask about their licensing and permit policies. A reputable company while have licensed contractors who have been trained properly and also know which permits to obtain before taking on a job.


All good companies provide a warranty with roof installation but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. When comparing companies, ask about the warranty. Make sure that the warranty offered a lifetime warranty (or for as long as you own the home). Also ask what the warranty includes. Does it cover repairs, labor, supplies etc?

Communication is Key

This is a big one. Once you start calling around to ask questions and schedule estimates you will start to get an idea of which companies are good with communicating. A clear line of communication is key. Calls should be returned promptly, contractors should show up when they say they will, and follow through should be timely. If they can’t return a simple phone call or show up on time for an estimate it’s a good indicator of how the rest of the job will be.


In conclusion, finding a trustworthy reputable roofing company may be tedious and challenging. However, it is worth taking the time to research. You are investing a large sum of money for this service and want a good quality roof that last a lifetime. The above tips will help you to make the best decision possible.…


You need repairs to your roof in Allen TX

Just like everything else your roof is going to break down. This can be in many different ways. Shingles could be falling off of your roof. A disaster could take off part of your roof like we see so many times in hurricanes. Then there is the biggest one of all, which is when the roof leaks, which can result in your water coming into your house. This can result in damage to your floors, and or furniture, or other things that are precious to you. When this happens, a lot of people don’t know what to do, or where to turn.

You would need to get in touch with a Roofing Company. While there are many of them out there, choosing one can be confusing.

Choosing a Roofing Company company can be easy. You just need to know where to look. There are a lot of them to choose from. There are several places, where you can see which roofing companies are in your area. There are also services out there such as HomeAdvisor, or Angie’s list where you can find a Roofing Contractor. A Roofing Contractor is a professional that knows what they need to do to fix the problem with your roof. Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor list the available roofing contractors in your area. You can choose one, and read the reviews on that professional to make sure that person is the right one for the job. They are also rated by other reviews, so you can choose the best one for the job.

Roof Repair is a big job, and it does take someone that knows what they are doing in order to do it right. This would mean that choosing the right Roofers is what is needed. Most of these Roofers on Angie’s List and Home Advisor are licensed. The company makes sure that they have the right licenses and qualifications to work on your roof. You don’t need to do that as the company has already done it for you.

The other thing you want to make sure with Roof Repair is that it is done right. This is a big job and you don’t want to have to do it again in a couple of years. A new roof or repair to a roof should last a long time.

The other tricky part is selecting a roof. There are so many choices out there these days. You can choose from a metal roof to shingles or some other type of material. Most people don’t know which one is best for them. This is where the professional roofer can help. They can give you the best choices that are available. They can give you the benefits and cons of each type of material. You can then choose the best one that is right for you. Since how it will look on your house is important as well, that will be a factor in determining which roof you want to go with. Of course, if you only need a repair to your roof, then you can go with the shingles that are already up there, so it will match with the rest of your roof. The other nice part about hiring a roofer that knows what they are doing is they can advise you. They can tell you whether a patch to a roof would do the job or if the entire roof needs replacing. They can also give you the cost of both jobs. That way you can decide which way you want to go. The roofer can also let you know if the entire roof does need to be replaced, and whether it will cost you more money in the long run just fixing the immediate problem.

When it comes to roof repairs you don’t have to go at it alone. There is help out there that can help you make an informed decision, all you have to do is do research. Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor do help in that department as they have done all the work for you. The most important thing that you have to remember when deciding on which roofer to go with. You need to be comfortable with that person. The most important thing is that you need to be able to trust that person. If that person tells you one thing, then you need to be able to be comfortable with the decision you make based on the information he gives you, and be happy with the decision. …


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